Lohengrin live: Teuk McGraig, My Son en Walther

Datum: zaterdag 17 december 2016 21:00


MySon started as a lonely collective. They soon developed a way to express their fears and anger. This was to strike fear into anyone that dared to open their ears to the sound that these guys were producing. Soon a whole series of public experiments followed, leaving most of the people that witnessed these experiments in shock. Most had never heard such an extreme sound in their lives. And it certainly changed the lives of a lot of people that heard it at that time. Some thought they'd seen heaven, while others felt that they had experienced hell on earth. Well, to each their own, I guess. To us, it is just real, nothing more, nothing less. We strive to make a sound that not a lot of people make anymore. And so far, we appear to be succeeding in that. Our main goal is to spread this sound as far and as wide as possible. Everybody should hear it. You don't need LSD to enrich your spirit, just listen to MySon! It might be a good trip, it might be a bad trip, but at least you felt something! And remember: Irritation is an emotion as well! http://www.mysonband.com/myson.php#audio


Teuk McGraig

Teuk McGraig is een rocktrio uit Den Bosch met invloeden uit jaren 80, 90 punk, garage/gitaarrock. De band bestaat ex bandleden van Let's Quit, Supernatural, Devil's Playground en Lemmy's Loud. Drie ervaren rockers die sinds 2014 samen in dit powertrio spelen. Door de bezetting en roots zijn vergelijkingen met Buffalo Tom, Husker Du en Dinosaur jr. regelmatig gemaakt.https://teukmcgraig.bandcamp.com/track/missing-joe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h8yYEGpUWc


Walther is een kersverse driemans rockband uit Den Bosch met o.a. ex-leden van This Land. Meer info volgt snel


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